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Medigate customer service is available to you throughout all over Malaysia. Apart from our online service reports you can rely on a quick response by phone, email, and fax.

Medigate Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated on 14th August 1996 and started its operations fully on 1st August 2000.

Medigate was established to provide services, and supplies relating to medical, dental and laboratory equipment and materials to Malaysian government’s ministries and associated institutions and organisations.

The opportunity to supply is usually secured through Medigate’s participation in direct quotation, tender bid or direct negotiation.

Since it started operations, Medigate has been successful in securing a number of tender awards to supply dental, medical and laboratory equipment and materials to a number of ministries namely Health, Defence and Higher Education.

Medigate’s supplies are usually channeled to hospitals, clinics and research institutions. In addition, Medigate also supplies equipment and materials to the Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-based Industries’s veterinary and fisheries department.

Medigate is managed by a team of experienced marketing and procurement staff whose multi-discipline backgrounds enable them to service clients exacting standard successfully.

Medigate has also established a Consumer Support Service unit. This unit primarily functions to assist Medigate’s clients on technical matters. The technical staff is not only qualified but experienced and skilled to provide service and maintenance work as well as repairs to equipment and instruments. They can also provide consulting service for clients who require assistance before acquiring equipment and devices for their use.

Medigate’s staff updates their skill and knowledge of the latest products in the market by attending or participating in dental, medical and laboratory exhibitions locally or overseas.

Medigate is currently a distributor of a number of prestigious international brands of equipment, devices and materials. By collaborating closely with its principals Medigate has been able to provide an almost complete list of equipment and materials to its clients. Medigate hopes to achieve its ultimate aim of becoming a one-stop centre for all medical, dental and laboratory needs.

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